The Evolution of our Website

31 Jul at 17:02

In this article, we visit the history of our website and how it evolved over the years. From the start to finish, the website has undergone several improvements and changes as we implemented new systems and coding languages throughout time. To learn more about web design, check out our course.





This is what started it all, back in 2009. Most people appreciated the beautiful cliché stock photo of two puzzle pieces on the verge of fitting together. CSS allowed us to implement curved edges which added that much needed professional feel. The interactivity was made using the .NET platform.

Certainly not our best.




Some progress had been made after a year: the website looked a bit more ordered and the puzzle was replaced with an even more cliché photo of a laptop with a booklet with business written on it spread out across a perfect grass lawn next to some skyscrapers.

The content was polished and reorganised and spread into three tables, using HTML in this way we were able to organise our content better. Hopefully the progress will be a bit more dramatic over the next year however.




Check out those two gold buttons.

Things were beginning to set: we added the slogan, but were still strong on the cliche photos. Consideration was taken into the user experience of the website as well as the interface: the website had become easier to use and navigate.




Stuff started to get serious: the cheesy gold buttons were replaced with nice green ones. We got a promotional video and decided to slap it in the middle of the homepage.

Much of the content still remained the same.




This is probably the most dramatic change that was made to the website. A proper header was implemented with a fancy login section. The website became easier than ever to navigate and a continuous theme was chosen with alternating background colours for the body.

The website finally became smooth, continuous and clean (not that is wasn’t before, but this was a serious improvement). PHP was also integrated which allowed the website to become more dynamic than ever.



This is the final stage of the website and this version has just gone live. The site has been designed to be a pleasure to use: easy to navigate and the content has been arranged logically using Javascript.

We've used a selection of images of individuals learning remotely - in coffee shops, at home and other locations as we thought they really represent our audience. Perfect for an online teaching website!