We Rank Woo Rank (Try Repeating that 5 Times!)

Paolo Lenotti
By Paolo Lenotti
21 May at 13:51

At EwB, we love to hear about other small, closely-knit startups doing well. So, when we were looking for an SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tool, WooRank were immediately intriguing.


A team of just twelve, the guys and girls here are making online optimisation accessible to everyone. As customer services manager, it’s important for me to engage with you – the user on the other side of that EwB Dashboard. So the ability to monitor trends, and to improve the overall user experience is a must! But from a tech perspective, I’m the office’s village idiot…

Enter WooRank. Unlike other SEO providers, WooRank breaks everything down nicely right from the start, so you don’t need to be a web designer to make the most of your site.

WooRank “reads” your website, and provides continuous feedback on the four critical elements of an effective and user-friendly site: SEO, Social Media, Mobile Optimisation, and Site Usability.

First the program reviews your site’s content and analytics data. The initial overview isn’t dissimilar from what you get with Google Analytics, but it’s presented in a more obvious, user-friendly, and engaging way – allowing non-specialists to review analytics, and start making meaningful changes, very easily. And that’s where it gets interesting…

WooRank uses a 100-point scale that represents a website’s overall effectiveness at any given time. In the same way as EwB’s diagnostic tool – which identifies a user’s current ability, and uses this as a foundation on which to build your Excel IQ – a website’s Woo-Ranking grades that site out of a possible 100 points. The average score is 50, and the idea is that they’ll keep issuing tasks ( read improvements) until your site’s consistently at 100.

The Task Manager is great! It breaks down all recommended improvement into manageable units, so you can work through each task simply and without getting distracted. For each task that is raised, WooRank gives the user detailed instructions, walk-throughs and explanations of keywords and key objectives. This means that non-specialists can take on fairly techy stuff with relative ease and confidence. It’s not dissimilar from setting up a Facebook profile in terms of simplicity, only there are more fields to complete.

Furthermore, WooRank can make suggestions as to who the best team-member is to manage each task, based on what the task involved for even more simplicity, and allows you to set KPIs for tasks or projects.

Once you’re fully optimised, you can generate reports on any aspect of your site’s functionality giving insights into specific “queries” (i.e. how many users are coming to Apps.nl from EwB’s Facebook page, on a Tuesday). Meanwhile, the Competitive Analysis feature monitors competitors’ sites and suggests competition-specific improvements for your business, while WooRank’s fantastic “White Paper” tool, allows the user to turn any of the above statistics into customer-facing, branded reports. What’s more, you can access all your reports from the WooRank App. Perfect for a young business constantly on the go!

I love the simplicity and straight forward functionality of this program. WooRank tells you exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and shows you how to do it! Fantastic!

What have been your experiences with SEO, and what do you think of WooRank? Try it for free, here: http://www.woorank.com/