Key Rocket

Adam Lacey
By Adam Lacey
16 Apr at 13:13

Here at EwB HQ we occasionally come across products that we really love and want to share with everyone. KeyRocket from Veodin is one of these.


So what is KeyRocket?

KeyRocket is a plug-in that works with the most popular Microsoft programmes (currently Windows, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, Word and Visual Studio). It cleverly tracks how you use these programmes and suggests shortcuts to make your work faster and more efficient via a small pop up in the right hand corner. As you might expect, I am a big Excel user and was using the right mouse button to delete lines or rows. KeyRocket soon showed me a more efficient way of doing this using Ctrl + Minus.

KeyRocket is especially clever as it doesn’t just show you ever shortcut you could ever make, it first tracks the actions you regularly take and then starts suggesting shortcuts for the things it thinks you will find useful. When you start using the shortcuts you get a little note saying ‘Hooray’ – a nice touch.

There is also the option to customise shortcuts from the pop-up box. So if you regularly use a function like pasting values (sometimes called hard pasting) the shortcut is Alt-E S V followed by Enter. KeyRocket will offer you the opportunity to customize the shortcut to something easier, and sometimes even suggest one you can adopt – making it really easy to customize the shortcuts you use.

Why is it so good?

KeyRocket delivers genuinely useful shortcut suggestions in real time. Personally I have picked up loads of them in the last few weeks and find that being told how to do these shortcuts whilst I am working has helped me learn them quicker.

KeyRocket have been kind enough to extend a 15% discount to any EwB users which you can claim by clicking here.

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